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Tracing the Tail of Wisdom: Poems by Emeka ‘Akaraka’ Ogaraku

Tracing the Tail of Wisdom

Tracing the tails of wisdom
And the cultural tradition of kingdoms
Earmarked by the residuals of monuments
Sculptures, structures, seals of fallen Governments

Peering and prying the huge Asian hegemony
Through the great American testimony
From fading Aboriginal Australia satire
To the restless afro Arabian empire

From the long walls and tall halls of the world
Through the slavery monumental pyramids
From the bloody blackness of the white house
To the pre-historic Mesopotamian civilisation

We see brawl, blood and blackness
We taste sweat, sweet and bitterness
We note power, pleasure and pains
We hear Pressure and measures of shame

Yet tracing the tail of wisdom and histories
And the marks of historical stories
We see injustices trashed, brutality damned
Isolation demonised and racism banned
In all history we see blackness.


Rhythm of Life

In the air is stench of death
Damnation, dusty and dryness of faith
He arose from the manger
His profession the lowest on the societal cadre
Busy building a team of rangers
Sowing seeds by planting, throwing and by scatter
His words were truthful, unique and unusual
Peaceful, reasonable but uncomfortable
He was conservative, progressive and radical
Daring the authorities, Keys and Tables

They called him prophet, bleacher and teacher
Master, messiah, healer and preacher
But he was simply the “son”
His authority was higher
His power almighty
His words truthful and fire
His deeds very mighty
His name was Christ
He is the rhythm of life.


(c)Ogaraku Emeka (Akaraka)

Emeka Ogaraku (Akaraka)
Emeka Ogaraku (Akaraka)
Emeka "Akaraka" Ogaraku is a Pastor based in Germany.


  1. Poetry is the expression of not just thoughts and emotions but also beauty. A gossamer. If one of these is missing, the interlinking thread lost and the reader is not caught in the web the writer has sprawn like a spider. Thoughts and emotions predominantly tells but beauty shows. Together, we have sense&beauty…we have poetry, not verse. Work these into your poetry and you will rediscover the craved voice. Senator Ihenyen is the author of Colourless Rainbow:Poetry of My Childhood (forthcoming, Coast2Coast).

  2. its important in poetry to pass on your message effortlessly and colourfully,this was excellently done in rhythm of life.very well linked,emotionally laden and properly composed.

  3. life is so funny that most times we do not get what we desire´What’s life without peace,love and happiness,But my confidence is in God and i crave for His forgiveness,mercy and help.

  4. These Poems are incredulously compelling; a studiously researched piece of history. A royally print in honour of wisdom and Jesus story, are economically packaged for an unforgettable enjoyment of all. I loved it and my student’s enjoyed reading your poems sir.
    Keep it up we expect more from you please

    Jeremy Williams School teacher London

  5. Indeed, the history of man has been marked by a recurring decimal of rise and fall. I remember reading that civilization started in Africa through Egypt, Greece Roman Empire British Empire to american world sole power China is warming up and in Africa we are grappling with a new beginning. Indeed rise and fall
    Thank you
    “And the cultural tradition of kingdoms
    Earmarked by the residuals of monuments
    Sculptures, structures, seals of fallen Governments”
    Dictators rise and fall the humanity is really not steady
    I like this Poem

  6. I came across your poems when I was surfing in internet for topics on wisdom.
    Indeed I have never seen History put together effectively as poems or in poetry.
    If this is new, It is a master piece, and your presentation of Jesus in another perspective is extreemly wonderful.
    More ink to your pen.
    Egington John

  7. The poems are very touching and are very good. i wish i could make good poems like him. if there was a way for me to be a poem writer i would.


  8. The tone and message of this piece is totally soothing,encouraging and schorlarly incisive The poem,ranks along that of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe,etc. It’s smeared with total wisdom,deep thought and outright courage.

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