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The Power of Truth: Poems by Fr. Remi Okere


Craving for change
we wept in the moon,

And shed the trend of time.
What new path we tread!

Finding the truth
in the arms of the past

And breaking a pact
with the world afloat.

We are now free.
We can fly like the crow.



Lift your soul.
Hover with time.
Grasp your space.
Climb her steps.
Catch the bliss.
Descend with caution.
Observe the world.
And the folly of man!
Take the real body.
Arrive with new vision.
Make a difference.
Then be fulfilled.



The debris of our past
hides the truth we dread.

Like lava beneath an angry Mount
it boils with fury.
I can smell the anger in the air
as I walk the fringe of town.

Who can undermine the power
of truth?

I have watched you try
and fail.

Take your time now
and seek the truth.

Walk the path to life.
And you will be free.


(c) Fr. Remi Okere C.S.Sp

Fr. Remi Okere C.S.SP
Fr. Remi Okere C.S.SP
Remi Okere is a Holy Ghost Father from Nigeria. He is serving in the Catholic diocese of Des Moines, IA. He has written several poems and articles. He is the author of Channel of Hope: Poems and Reflections.


  1. The path to the future where the change that we crave for lies is the same part to the very past where our failures are buried. These poems mirror just that in a concise manner and i think i may have just found my own fulfilment in them. Good poems, Fr. Senator Ihenyen is the author of Colourless Rainbow: Poetry of My Childhood (forthcoming, Coast2Coast).

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