Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What if?


Updated monthly, always on the first.

The short version: send submissions (.doc, .rtf, .docx, .odt formats) to write/@/africanwriter.com (remove the two slashes).


We usually confirm receipt of submissions within a week (if you don’t hear from us, look in your spam folder), and a final decision is usually made and acceptance email sent within thirty days. Give us that time to properly evaluate your work. Again, we do not welcome simultaneous submissions. Thank you.


African Writer Magazine is open to all genres of literature from Africa and the African Diaspora. We publish prose fiction, creative non-fiction, folktales, poetry, dramatic pieces, essays/creative features, interviews/profiles, book excerpts/reviews, etc.

Please ensure all entries are single line spaced, and in standard Times New Roman 12pt. font.

Length: please keep the short stories under 6000 words (it’s meant to be read in a sitting, right?). For poetry, submit at least 2 to give the readers a proper sampling of your work (unless it is an extended poem).

Please ensure that the submission is properly edited for errors.

Please include a brief profile, your email address and social media handles, and how you would like your name to appear on our website.

Optionally, attach a photo or content image.

All submissions (.doc, .rtf, .docx, .odt file formats) can be emailed to write/@/africanwriter.com (delete the two forward slashes).

African Writer Magazine is currently unable to pay for submissions. If that changes, as we continue to grow the readership and appreciation of literature and writers from Africa and Africans, we will let you know. Thanks.

There is no true deadline limitation. The 15th of the month is a loose cut-off date for entries hoping to get published by the 1st of the next month. Most contributions are published (or not) within a month (to six weeks) of receipt and the writer is notified via email.

Thank you.

Naza Amaeze Okoli, Editor


Image by John Hain from Pixabay