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Soaring Eagles: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola



The flyable feathery jets
The controversial solar cleric
The quickening blazing burners
Electric, terrific and elegant eagles
Wonderlands’ winged war wagons
Eagles, mighty eagles, soaring eagles
Chariots of fire curtains on mountain peaks

The pointed surgical strikers
Clipping the wings of the storm
The masterpiece of aviary aviation
With mighty precision guided pupils
The centrespread of the bright clouds
In your aerial drills you distillate your foes
With your celebratory banners on world walls



Incurring the sky’s displeasure
The sunrays went into self-exile
Like the dreamy blue engineers
Hydro hammering our rooftops

The wiry wind’s wrath appeared
Like the lion robbed of soft jewel
Forsaking bonds of brotherhood
Upon fleshy bones made in blood

It was from our disorderly storm
We struck the cords of the clouds
Playing trumpet of hate till death
Stamping and sealing destruction

With the dew coming as barrister
And the cocks ordained attorneys
With the divine justice enthroned
Acquitted sunrays nurse the skies



The waves are cemeteries
For heart breaking commentaries
With explosives bearing dormitories
The ships sail like life threatening stories

The waves bear lions’ dentition
Soaring upon their deadly rendition
And the skies groaning with a petition
Our peace processes they seek for partition

The waves have us to tame
Our silver and gold theirs to claim
With our communal heritages up in flame
Wolfish waves and the serrated storms to blame

The waves have our heads to slam
Like aggrieved waters crushing a dam
With our heads aching for the soothing balm
We hear the Lamb of God bleating calm, life is calm



Smitten by sore sorrows
Nurtured by fanged foes
The unfortunate calendar
Bleeds cardinally on fours

Soaked in mourners’ tears
Edged by mean morticians
The worm bearing calendar
Seeps cardiac allies by turns

Sunk in his sagged body bag
Rebranded in oversized lore
The date-breaching calendar
Defames the perfect seasons



Chain mine and let me peg yours down
Our head gears have lost their bearings
Seeking to console the bereaved grains
With our unruly dentitions in detention
Like tea cups measuring the furious sea


Poems: Adeola Ikuomola

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.


  1. This man Adeola Ikuomola is no nonsense, he always makes me doubt myself whether went to school or not.I don’t if they are Nigerians schools that are great or the Nigerian blood that is full of talent

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