Camellia: Poetry by Lucius Ndimele


At the death of rain, grew
Camellia amongst our moulds

Clinging to her nectar
Like the dews to the
Bosom of awakening leaves,
We versify
We compose
Bringing the moon to her
Doorstep with the elegy of
Our archival days



Stark illumination of
Sprouting verdure
Groping hands glee
Under a fog of freshness

Its dim concurs
With the patience of the coffin
As the hands of the clock
Dances away with time



He set sail
A cannel coal coated candle
With an impulsive flame
Strutted with latent ideas
And messianic charisma
But set foot on a land
To be sabotaged by the hue of his skin
A tinted blot
In a snow field


(c) Lucius Ndimele

Written by
Lucius Ndimele

Ndimele is a 19 year old medical student with great interest in poetry.

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Written by Lucius Ndimele


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