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Peculiarity: Afrofuturist fiction by Austine Osas

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Some part of humanity has always looked to the stars for patterns, answers and ways to go about their affairs.

Science has posited, it’s the death of a planet, it’s people or other extraterrestrial beings and life forms.

How ironic.

For me…us, it has a far higher and grander meaning.

We see it as a way to circumvent the clash of two worlds.

To avoid the destruction of one, the other or both.

Our entire existence is based on maintaining this balance.

We live in the outerworld.

We are aware of earth and its dwellers, but we don’t try to contact or communicate with it directly or indirectly.

We just read the stars with continuous cautious optimism.


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Written by
Austine Osas

Austine Osas is 85% Nigerian and 15% alien life, from an unknown planet inhabiting Earth for the sole purpose of enlightenment. He is an executive of Peda Studio, creator of the kickstarter backed Chronicles of the New Born and co-organizer of the Lagos Comic Con 2016. You can catch him trekking the landscape of Lagos and Abuja documenting the lives of everyday people through his lenses.

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Written by Austine Osas


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