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To The Shepherd, My Lover: Poems by Prince Jacon

To The Shepherd, My Lover

Quit your anxiety for here I come oh shepherd!
I know you’ve been waiting; thinking my voice you heard.
Beat the scandal and wipe your treacherous tears,
Remove every sadness and wipe the future’s fears:
King Solomon cannot climb for I’m a wall,
Not with his wealth, not with his power and all.
As birds of Shunem sing on, ways flies so high,
The rivers of Israel flow enchantingly slowly by:
In ways, the wheels of love spin on;
In rivers, the fishes therein fin on.
My love to you shall remain ever moist and fresh,
Holding stronger than the complexion of the flesh.
As mild, hear me, as the voice of your own lamb
I speak to you, hasten, remove any impossible harm.
You handsome-solitary-shepherd-lover gaze upon my breast,
See it is milky, stainless: untouched by any Royal Crest.
So eat, your food I’ve brought over these hills; we’ll love first
Where light is gone and satisfy with its pool our itching thirst.


The Turning Point

Man’s science and technology!
Time hastefully comes
When the rejected
Would refuse to be accepted;
When the chased
Would refuse to be embraced;
When the mad ones in the streets
Would turn to become the most peaceful ones,
And the sane ones in their laboratories
Would turn to become the most violent ones-
Man’s mistakes will haunt him forever!!
Destruction stronger than Hercules shall prevail!

The time comes
When the Orbit, the earth, the world
Would witness the turning point in history:
The things we worked for,
They shall work against us in revenge.
The plot is drafted, the stage set,
But the characters are shy,
Shy to resist their behaviors.
Yet, that resistance shall come;
The turning point shall come someday,
And man’s destiny will become his doom!!
Then destruction mightier than the land shall begin!


(c) Prince Jacon

Prince Jacon
Prince Jacon
Born in the city of Aba, Prince Jacon is a poet, playwright, short fiction writer and essayist. Aside being shortlisted in the Akwa Ibom at 25 Poetry Contest (2012), his works have also been published on (Nigeria, 2009), Sunday Sun (Nigeria, 2009), Diversion Press (USA, 2011), DIOGEN Magazine (Italy, 2012) and DT.LAB Publish Underground project (USA, 2013). He is the current Custodian of The Writers’ Community, a group of student-writers at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. While he is working on his first collection of short stories he is also working on kicking off Literalution Concept and Solutions which he founded as an initiative to proffer solutions to problems in Nigeria and beyond through the use of literary works.

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