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Abu Ibrahim | Final Banquet of Desires


It is prison culture to give prisoners on death row their preferred meal right before they go into the chamber. Sometimes, they ask that a song be played to escort their souls in final moments of their life. The prison authorities usually oblige. I guess this is society’s last show of kindness that helps us digest our action. In America, I read steak, ice cream and pizza are the most requested meal of choice. Even in death, we yearn for the grand. Humans are always addicted to a bittersweet end. The hopeless seek to dilute the pain, to make the taste of death less pronounced. The last time you and I had dinner, it was served between our legs on a bed of roses with James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover” playing in the background. We fucked ourselves into a crime scene, bled beads of sweat all over the hotel room. The bed became the execution chair, & this time, we weren’t afraid of dying. 


Poetry: Abu Ibrahim

Image: Co-Pilot AI

Abu Ibrahim
Abu Ibrahim
Abu Ibrahim, popularly known as IB, is a writer and poet from Nigeria who swings between stage and page. His debut poetry album “Music Has Failed Us” is available on major streaming platforms. Connect with him on social media @_therealib.

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