Friday, July 12, 2024

Tolu Fagbure

Tolu Fagbure is the Lead Executive of Tolu Fagbure Productions: a multimedia organization specializing in entertainment media programmes content production with specific focus on practice and training. He is the Consultant/Supervising Producer with Rare Edge Media, producers of Aajiirebi, Awon Aladun De, Family First, Borokoni and Ladire all on AfricaMagic Yoruba and AfricaMagic Family channels on the DSTV platforms. Armed with Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees in Theatre and Media Arts from the University of Ibadan specializing in Directing and Media Productions, Tolu has produced major works in his native Yoruba language such as a 40 episode radio drama on COVID_19 titled “AWARAWA” for the facilitated by Search For Common Ground, Nigeria because of the fact that, it is imperative to produce works in indigenous Nigerian languages so that messages and development ideas can be communicated effectively to the people they are meant for.