Author - Joel Oputa

My name is Joel Oputa, a closeted writer just recently coming out of his shell. If you asked me who I am, I would say that I am still working on the perfect definition. Luckily, my family are not as confused as I am on that. My wife calls me Boo when she's not mad at me. My first daughter calls me Daddy, and the second, a toddler, calls me Dada. Please do not tell the first this, but I prefer the second (despite the fact that she bites me). However, since I have to say something about myself, I will say this; Dada is a tall black family man. A law graduate of University of Nigeria (UNN), a part time cinematographer and full-time creative thinker with a garage full of useless DIY projects. I think I may have gone off-course with this... What was the question again?


Joel Oputa | Night Crawlers

THE RACCOON It had been easy. In fact, it had been too easy. It had gone exactly like those freak situations where everything just flows in perfect harmony. No...