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Sihle Ntuli: Monday



to stare at a mirror      to feel hungry

sadistic sun to sinister moon

the world spins to points of non-recognition


fuel that drives you out of bed

you buy time in exchange for life

fear commoditized


the phrase ‘things change’

speaks only to those who expect to get returns

it does not work that way

it only works one way

you will    work work work


the work of lungs counts for nothing

the heavy sigh holds no weight to a signature that sells the soul


mouth to chew

on train of thought

thought shaping frown

frown turned smile

then frown again

a running memory and nostalgia

nostalgia deferred


fiend of your inner circle

following you around

then sitting with you

fiend light hearted and shallow

the fiend is your shadow


forever remains unproven

end of time   unproven

movement movement movement

the sound of a clock can never stay still


in your chest

is blood and beauty

as you love and feel pain in the same colour


the eyes scream



head throbbing

beat swallowing you



Poem © Sihle Ntuli

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Sihle Ntuli
Sihle Ntuli
Sihle Ntuli is a South African poet and classicist living in Durban. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Classical Civilisations and has previously lectured at the University of the Free State, where he was awarded the 2019 CTL Innovation Award for Curriculum Design and Delivery. His poetry was shortlisted for the DALRO Poetry Prize in 2017. He most recently became the author of the poetry chapbook, Rumblin in 2020. He has had work published in South Africa and across the African continent on notable journals such as Lolwe, Down River Road & The Johannesburg Review of Books.

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