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Samuel Adeyemi: Correspondence to Self


O, Love. my innards brim
with napalm      & they’re just happy to
          have a first son.

write me back if you also bear
sadness      jewelled to a molar.
          you, half-smiling boy,

cannot let them see your grief      sparkle,
will not let it roll down
          to your father’s feet.

i know you.      brown boy.
perfect masquerade.      draping the blades
          paring away your skin.

you      fleshless shadow. you
          coffin-breath anthem.

a whole forest wilting      within you.
          your chest, a fossil of chest.

inside your mouth,      a burning church.
inside the church, a tongue



weightlessness is a thing of flair. it is a certain
elegance to be as light      as a shadow.

but this is not a prayer to be clad in the mass of
wind, or fleshed with the skin      of a thought.

for i was once the texture of moonlight, my bones
tender like a honeyed limb.

i already learnt the magic of      disappearing
without waving around my slender arms—

          my tongue; the wand, each sentence;

a spell that unfleshes me, renders me an anatomy
of phantom—ghost boy with mist for voice.

picture this:

when i am a bluebird
               wiping its beak
clean on a leaf, the focus is on the leaf.

when i weave into a winter coat, they ask
               if i cannot be fire.

this is how a boy is neither enough for
desire or thirst, to be a meal which the
throat won’t feel its passing,      instead,

gliding / gently / like a gulp of air.

but i look back & find myself re-learning
gravity; my body, slowly re-moulding into
          a thing that bleeds.

to practice, i chorus my first name
& it answers me with      a quiet kiss.

look, i am showing mother my hands
& she doesn’t see                an ocean.
Poem © Samuel Adeyemi
Image by Marek Studzinski from Pixabay

Samuel Adeyemi
Samuel Adeyemi
Samuel Adeyemi is an eighteen-year-old Nigerian writer and an ardent lover of literature. His poems have appeared in EBOquills and are forthcoming in The Kalahari Review. When he is not writing, he enjoys watching anime and listening to a variety of music. You may reach him on Twitter and Instagram @samuelpoetry


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