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Cornelia Smith Fick: Fool’s Gold


A familiar embrace
of gold-bearing rock,
tentacles spread to fissure;
whispered agreement
melting rock.

A hasty excuse—
penetrating deep into the earth,
mimicking the elements—
millennia reduced to minutes
in gold time that glitters – hard, brittle.

Deception aglow—
a reef in the
Dark tryst.



Survival tree. Growing
lonely roots deep into. Wall of rock
cleft sideways – arrears
cloning a tree,
its leaves small, sparse.
A stone body climbs over a cliff,
sprouting a flowering.



Something needs to break shatter
proof patriarchy
the power of water seeping
a quiver crushing
the doctrine
of an ancient church
into blinding
light – awareness.
Generational hatred denied/torture
cloaked in the sugar
of semantic love
sweet sticky
silence of complicity.

Poems © Cornelia Smith Fick
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay (modified)

Cornelia Smith Fick
Cornelia Smith Fick
Cornelia Smith Fick’s debut collection, Eye of a Needle: And other stories, was published in 2016. Her stories and poetry has appeared in Itch; Botsotso; Experimental Writing: Volume 1, Africa VS Latin America; Soho Square V, Poetry Potion, New Contrast, Bloomsbury; Atlanta Review etc. She’s currently a PhD candidate at the University of the Western Cape.

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