The Eve Manifesto: Poetry by Marvel Chukwudi Pephel

Image: Pixabay.com



The last time I saw her,
There was tenderness in her eyes.
She was a tender verse,
A mellifluous song.

Today, she’s a bunch of hoarseness.
A cacophony of notes.
This is what the world does to our girls,
This is them losing their innocence untimely.
If only we could fix such broken songs.

Perhaps, nobody told the world
That a girl is a complex composition,
That a girl is a song not everyone
Knows how to play.


You’ve loved him so much
Your words don’t feel like yours anymore.
You have given him your all
That you are scared to leave empty;
So you cling beggarly to your selfish beneficiary.
But he doesn’t see you anymore;
You have ceased to exist.
He’s now a dictator, a tyrant.
He watches your emotional walls crumble,
But sees the utmost good in it;
You are scared to leave,
Because you have given him your all.
So you cling to a shadowy pillar
Begging for an elusive support.
He is proud for the sake of your weakness;
A weakness you brought upon yourself.
And yet, you seek another man’s arms to heal.
Woman! You are strong!
You must learn how to heal yourself;
Not in the arms of a man.
Who told you you need a man to heal?
Image: Pixabay.com

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