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A Thought in the Sea: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola

Image: (c) Sola Osofisan


It is quicker to seal
A thought in the sea
For blank pupils to see

Like the tired tomb
And her silent womb
With eerie hairs to comb

Upon the glassy tray
Planted in the sunray
For darkness to betray

For man to scream
Farther in the dream
Like a fully fired cream

I saw the same entity
Buried in miry identity
Cementing mortal vanity



A tender boy showed me the designer caps
Packaged and displayed across the bold sky
He then showed me those numerous heads
Bending under the hot afternoon hammers

Another boy showed me the capsized heads
On the fields plucking the fatherless flowers
On conflicting interests in communal crowds
Nursing warfare for mountainous diversities

The third boy brought me a crafty headman
To heal our sore social and economic defects
The west wind watched on as the last waves
Crushed the porous box of hapless potheads

Two golden girls giggled gently in the garden
They sounded like the circular African drums
Abroad from those carefully capsized heads
They thundered into a long range of laughter



Our God is the perfect poet
Poetic in his scarce holiness
His metaphorical similitude
Alliterates the whole world

His gowns fashion rhythms
His walls adorn light paints
Light embraces his trophies
For darkness has faded out

The sea waves restless locks
Upon the mourning depths
Like the sweetened mother
Sweetening her bitter child

His breath is the harbinger
Roaring in the silent nights
Like the heavy duty pestles
Pounding the cloudiest sky

His love is an eternal dowry
For the celestial matrimony
Toiled with threads of gains
For measured reconciliation

Our God is the greatest poet
Dwelling in perfect melodies
Upon the echoes of cymbals
Played by the flaming angels



Mental kings reign with a crown
In the nations bought for bloods
Mortal kings reign with a clown
In the terrains trained for floods

Stardom is the dome on the rock
Soured sweat, peppery prowess,
Deaf determination, skinned sky
The shoulder blades for the wild

Fans feed on the reigning crown
Like lay galaxies in the lively sky
Maggots feast on fagged clowns
Like the mad dogs on soft bones

Complex crown dines with kings
In the nations bought for bloods
A simple clown drowns kingship
Off the shores sold to the floods


© Adeola Ikuomola
Image: Sola Osofisan

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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