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Glow: Poems by Gerry Shula Sikazwe

Image: H. Heyerlein via


Who will you be tonight?
Will you be the moon,
Or the fresh wind that accompanies it?
Will you be the brightest star?
Or the darkness that peeps behind it?

Who will you be tonight?
Will you be that dancer everybody prays they tango with?
Or will you be that one who ignores the luring call of music to the floor?
Will you be her, the one with a warmly burning smile?
Or him coldly quiet, afraid to loosen his laughter?

Who will you be tonight?
Do not be me,
Do not be them,
Just simply be you, and glow.



We do not abound in strength,
We cannot boast to have muscles of Hercules,
We are not gifted with terrifying physical build,
But we order about the strong.

We do not have confident voices as of Luther,
We do not have words of Eisenhower,
We surely cannot speak like Churchill,
But we run the very world which their speeches once steered.

We do not have fair looks,
We are not with eyes that twinkle or glow,
We do not have charm in our dress either,
But we have beautiful minds, and that makes all the difference.

We are creators, we are designers,
We are nerds, with minds that see beyond this time,
We are thinkers, we are dreamers,
We are philosophers, with eyes that see beyond this time.
Poems © Gerry Shula Sikazwe
Image: H. Heyerlein via

Gerry Shula Sikazwe
Gerry Shula Sikazwe
Gerry Shula Sikazwe is a student at the University of Zambia pursuing a Bachelors in Adult Education. He manages a poetry page on Facebook.


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