The Dreams I Dream: Poems by Donny Kingsley Okoh

The Dreams I Dream

The fire raged with the call
of the new moon.
Forbidden thoughts
rising with a certainty
like spires of a mist
in the night.
Bodies locked in a tight embrace
cherishing the unspoken words
that arise from electrified emotions.
Passions echoed in delicious laughter
rising to a fervour
punctuated only by breathless sighs.
Desire awakening
like the stars
intertwined with red bliss
that escapes all confines
to become one with
the torrid night
and the silken globe of fire
such are the dreams i dream of us.


Be Mine

You asked if I love you;
I blandly say, ‘I do.
But when I say I love you
You don’t know it is true.

For all I am deeply smitten
My heart will have no rest
Till to your hand I’m mitten
And corset to your bosom.

Oh, come and let me kiss you.
Please say you will be mine,
For like a tree, I miss you
Fir you I always pine.


(c) Donny Kingsley Okoh

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  • I enjoyed your love poems, particularly The Dream I Dream with appealing and evocative imageries just as intense as the atmosphere of love. Until you post more of your poems or i get hold of Unsung Song, just as your hands are ‘corset’ to her ‘bosom’, my eyes are the blank papers you scribble poems! Senator Ihenyen is the author of Colourless Rainbow:Poetry of My Childhood (forthcoming, Coast2Coast).