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Cindy Rene | Tante


consecrated by fire

her throat cracked

now caves left behind

a last wind

hollowed into voice

her throat moved up and down

as she worked to connect

what was left on her sentences

a beginning is a return:
interiorized womb
enfleshed urgency
to survive, I did not die here
I met you
in your own womb
then, returned to mine


the making of monuments
or the world wide womb

the bones hike up
this land and produce

fissures where
it collects

of cracked skin

i knew all of you here, once

the wears and tears of you
rising now

as the breath of
a growing thing

and the cracked earth
when you rise

does not crumble
does not come out
in one piece

because growing underneath
is a generation.

Poems © Cindy Rene
Image: Bianca Van Dijk via Pixabay cropped

Cindy Rene
Cindy Rene
Born and bred in Brooklyn, Cindy Rene is a writer whose work has been featured in Plantin Magazine, Vita Poetica, Arboreal Review, and Villanova University’s Bridges Review. Her current obsessions include exploring spiritual family ties and archiving the past through her body. She received her BA from Villanova University.

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