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Waves of the Dawn: A Collaborative Poem



Akande mi,

Olowo ori mi,

The only one who is the quiescence to the storm of my life

My only hope of a fruitful dawn

Your shiny hairs like the peached sun

Singing loveliness to me

Ha my only Akande!

Onitemi nikan soso

Your panegyric brushes the globe without turbulence

Your fury asserts new fears to your foes


Abeni, the stare of the sparkling stars

in your eyes stirs the tides of my heart

as the presiding waves of the Oluweri

dictates the swim of fishes in the river

Ewa mi, the tenderness of the cushion

in your ibadi comatose my reasoning

as the way of oguro restraining time

Egbin mi, the ignition in the pitching of

our lips is the phantom I crave to fathom

Abeni, the fervour of your scarlet lips is

the only mint flavour my tongue savours

Ibadi aran, your bosom is the only sekere

my hands want to carelessly fiddle with


Hmmmm, you are the music that entertains my lingering ears

Your moves stupefy my rubbery hips and my thirst for you unquenchable

Aguntasolo mi, your raspy voice flames out authority

My fiery Sango, you are just so comely

See how my rivals are trying to entice you to their bosom

Tell them I am the unrivalled Olori laafin

Your crude strength like ode afifilaperin

Makes me thank Eledua for our union

Adumaadan temi nikan, even the moon peeps from her abode to steal a covert glance at you

The stars smile brighter with your transparent dimple

The mountains dissolve at your imposing personality


The smile of your lips drains fears

Your tears strip my eyes of sleep

The voyage of your eyes seduces lips

Abeni mi, come, let’s visit my orisun

Let me flaunt your beauty to kindred

my siblings await the sleep thief who

claims their brother’s night dreams

baami and maami are eager to give

to us their conjugal blessing


Then you’ll be mine

I’ll unfasten the reins to my passion

Akande mi, I will fill you with the love of the moon

my drizzling key will maneuver your

passage to unseal your sacred latch

You will be my moon and I your earth

Your earth will cement my rain pipe

Radiate your beauty through me

we’ll let loose untamed passion

Ododo mi, my beauty in this heaven on earth paradise

you’ll encapsulate me with the

warmth of your body

and I’ll relish the fervour I crave

Rain your passion on me


Words in block letters: Oluwafemi Babasola

Words in italics: Adedayo Ademokoya

Image: Pixabay.com remixed



Oluwafemi Babasola employs poetry and his short stories to express his thoughts and beliefs about life, inequality in the society and emotions of the heart. He lives in Osogbo, Nigeria.

Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer and a poet. He is an undergraduate of Osun State University, Osogbo. Although he is an agronomist in the making, his flair for writing to impact the world makes him dynamic. He is a lover of football and supports Manchester United FC. He is also known as Fantastic Dee.

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