Saturday, May 25, 2024

Donny Kingsley Okoh

Donny Kingsley Okoh studied Telecommunications Engineering and ICT before abandoning them for a career in creative writing. He has Bsc degrees in Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technology and a HND in creative writing. As a writer in the Nigerian Home movie industry and theatre, he has written many screen/stage plays amongst which are: Frontmasters (2005), Irene Hope (2004), Cocoanut Princess (2004), Sound of the drum (2002) and many more. As a writer in England, he has written many stage plays some of which are Cultural Conflict (2005), Talking Drum (2006) and Dancing Monkey (2006). He has equally taught drama and creative writing as parts of literature in secondary schools in Nigeria and was the national secretary of the Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria (2004-2005). The author currently works as a systems Analyst during the day and works as a writer during the night. Unsung Song is his first collection of poems.