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William Khalipwina Mpina: When love is Smouldered


Rosy perfume belched from a train of love
The never-ending desire of my heart
Declare a word of prophecy to my soul
Marred, and mad with foreign creams
Weighed down by magnificent scent
From frantic flowers, always confined
To flicker at night; misplaced make-ups
Charring their variegated petals while flashing
Yellow, white and red beads locked in their waists
Sleepy eyes gaping at the noise of their footsteps
Pirouetting like hips of a traditional dancer
Whispers into my ears bitter sweat of harvesting honey


Joyful hearts yearning for rain
Murmur into my ears saliva of pain
Barefoot on wicked sand
While in my hand—
Strands of a suicide rope
Hidden in smithereens of hope
Poetry: William Khalipwina Mpina
Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay

William Khalipwina Mpina
William Khalipwina Mpina
William Khalipwina Mpina is a Malawian poet, fiction writer, Economist and teacher. Many of his works appear in international literature magazines such as Atunis Poetry, African Writer, Kalahari review, Literary Shanghai, Writers Space Africa, Nthanda Review, Scribble Publication, Poetica Magazine and Expound; and in nine local anthologies. His books include Shattered Dreams (2019), Blood Suckers (2019), Shadows of Death and other poems (2016), Namayeni (2019) and Njiru (2003).

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