Songs of Horror: Poems by Saddiq M. Dzukogi

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Songs of Horror

From the vestibule
Of Nairobi’s Westgate Mall
The poet’s gut flees in suspended terror
And lest void
Pages fragmented lines
Written in blood

They have stolen from us a versifier
He is a vast verse of fire
Our requiem is a Raven
Lodging in the nest of horror
The wineglass is broken
And bullets are now piece of music
That swims through heart of man
Seeking justice from those who are pure

The god you serve
Serves you more in twist

From where did you hatch it?
It is a loyal fool
It commands only your will.



As air wand flowers
Into sun – dance
It hypnotizes; soul conforms
Warm in air,
Pulls me heaven – ward
I cum in fluid – stairs
Into soft womb
That drinks up the rays
Of a happy sun.


Blankets of spring

Earth be greyed
And magma
Mourns in scorn
Till soggy lips kiss air
Through blankets of spring
And sprout jade hairs
Into mauling palms of light
Dotted upon nubile soils
Blooming fauna
Feeding fire into barns.


(c) Saddiq M. Dzukogi

Image: bigstock.com

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