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Seeds of Passions: Poems by Adebayo Akinloye


beyond the birdsongs and games
beyond the immemorial shrines
of herbal concoctions
beyond the nebulous clouds
of crises plaguing her virgin land
she sees the change…

beyond the tunnel of travails
of transporting her people out of her land
beyond the cosmetropolitan matrix
she sees the connection…
beyond the end
she sees the beginning
and the world and humanity
are waiting for her.



no thuraya will put me through to God
no sagem to send my message beyond clouds
no nokia to knock on heaven’s gate
no motorola to motor me through
the lonely lane to life
no trium to make me triumph in the tunnel
of ten thousand temptations…
in supplicative gesture
my two palms confluencing
connecting me beyond connections
and inspiring me beyond imaginations…



hiding in the crevices of night
in the vale of deep passion
burning in the fiery dust of lust
sandstorm of sentiments searing
every drop of hesitation…
our alluvial sweats suffocating every pore
in moans we exchanged stolen secrets
and swore no eye could see us
but foolish
you and i
the moon the stars blind be
does he sleep?



in the garden of my heart
where resplendent meanings adorn
the lingering lushness of passion
where flowering sentiments stand  in style
rooted in romantic robustness  of fertile heart
in the garden of my heart
where flourishing flowers of feelings
flaunt freely like waves of iridescent
colours caressing a canvas
the canvas of my heart
where dew drops of desires
perform baptism on the innermost soil of my soul
the former seeds dying giving way
to newer finer seeds of passion.



a glint of ecstasy
in the eye-corner
a stimulating stroke of the tresses
a lingering landing of lissom lips
on landscape of the mouth
a desire of the eyes
and of the flesh
a trust forged in lust ends in dust.



expressed in the stillness
full of profundity
you have become an unknown quality
of a step between life and death
that all flesh is grass
the flower falls
and like a candle in the wind
your breath went off
life has become a permanent absence
packing an eternity
into one final look
i bid you adieu.



the euphony
that of a symphony of pleasant
birdsong well-sung
in the eastern garden well-stretched
with a smiling sun standing above
and the world rises in rose-water scents
from fragrance of flourishing flowers
here all animals are ours
and the cascading waterfall us showers
sweet waters from unceasing rivers
in the heat of which we say ha
giving pleasure without measure
here lies many a treasure
how we gyrate in happifying gesture
this is eden the start of our dreams
till someone dents this dainty delectable garden
and goes hiding…



she roams like a sentence without a period
she stands like a perfectly misplaced preposition
in a simple sentence

she gazes queryingly like a strand of question-mark
she yearns for morrow like a future tense
she looks blue like a noun in want of a pronoun
she’s a gorgeous girl like an adjective
in its superlative
she’s concise precise like a one-word sentence

she’s charming and even
like the figure after seven
she’s slim as two divided by two
she’s overwhelming like Chinese characters
she’s a hypertensive interjection
a stroke of comma and
an eventual full-stop.



kindle a ray of riddle
rove a lane of love

ponder a wave of wonder
pause a flame of force

pacify a pang of passion
fondle a bundle of trouble

burst a bubble of lust
flush a rush of crush

scream a rhythm of dream
drain a rain of strain

extinguish angst of anguish.



tempting like a flesh-revealing dress
shameless like a one-night stand
unholy like two illicit love-makers
illegitimate like a love-child
insatiable like an incorrigible nympho
traumatized like a violated virgin
lonely like a jilted lover
agonizing like an unrequited love
frustrated like a loverless spinster
searching like an overdue bachelor
intoxicating like a first love
lingering like a loving kiss
ecstatic like a romantic feeling
intact like a virtuous virgin
faithful like two true-blue lovers
hopeful like a courting couple
united like a happily married couple
fulfilled like a dream come true.


(c) Adebayo Akinloye

Adebayo Akinloye
Adebayo Akinloye
Studied Mass Communication at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Graduated in 2002. Served in Lokoja, Kogi State. Have strong bias for poetry and creative writing. Co-authored an anthology [with Gbenga Ogundare]: GENESIS. Have other collections waiting to be published. I strongly believe in love, in sacrifice. They say it takes some madness to be a poet; I have some measure of craze!

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