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The Path: by Oscar Mubila

How many of us have been inspired by a book, a movie, a song, an article or a picture? It is the mind responding to a familiar chord. The Matrix remains the movie that inspired me the most. It was not the amazing special effects nor its captivating story, but the idea of the power of the Mind that inspired me. Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and the entire crew are able to do the most amazing things, but most people forget that all that is happening in the Mind.

Neo did not reach his full potential until he had been inspired. An inspired Mind is the gem of genius. Morpheus keeps telling Neo that he is only showing him the door and that he is the one who must walk through it.

Discovering what inspires us is the quest we all must be on. We can do that to the best of our abilities if we have an open Mind. But what is open mindedness? Morpheus keeps telling Neo to free his Mind. He says he should let go of everything. But how do you do that?

Solitude presents a very interesting solution. Solitude means you have to be alone with your inner most thoughts. No glossing over weaknesses, insecurities, desires, tendencies, strengths etc. Solitude means you are truly honest with yourself, your inner workings, and your demons. Don’t find excuses, but take responsibility for who you are. Think about all the great people in religion. They got there inspiration during moments of solitude.

For me the defining moment in The Matrix is when Morpheus tells Neo that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you will only do it when you walk the chosen path. This is by no means an easy task, but perseverance and Will power (the Mind again) will guide you.


No path is worth walking unless it becomes your own. When something becomes part of your own personal discovery then the path automatically opens up for you. You will not find the benefits until you make your chosen path your own.

Difficulties are a natural part of any journey, and indeed they can work to strengthen us. The Taoist idea of Yin and Yang has been of great help. The principle of opposites took me a while to understand, but once I had made the discovery, my path got more illumined. Take this into consideration: you must be empty in order to be filled. When you are full, nothing else can come in, but if you are empty more and more can come in.

In Tai Chi I learnt that you never meet a force with another force, but you yield and redirect it. My remedy to life’s problems is simple. I try not to worry about things. If what is bothering me is beyond my control what is the point of worrying about it? If I cannot do anything about it, I let it be. If the problem is one that I can do something about, then what is the point of worrying about it? I should just go ahead and do something about it. Ultimately all I am seeking is happiness, right? So why should I waste my energies on things that upset me? If I am true to this principle, then everything should fall in place.

In Tai Chi, the emphasis is relaxation. Only when you are relaxed can you feel the flow of the chi and appreciate the principle of the movements. Similarly in life, if you calmly deal with any situation that arises, chances of finding a solution are increased. Stress and worry will only get in the way. Relaxation should not be confused with lethargy. Just as there is purposeful movement in Tai Chi, action should be taken as and when appropriate. Whatever action you take do not forget to take responsibility for it, right or wrong. If you are right, don’t make a fuss about it. If you are wrong, don’t give excuses. Admit it and resolve to do things differently or better.

Oscar Mubila
Oscar Mubila
Oscar Mubila is a teacher of English and Drama resident in Lusaka, Zambia. He has written several short stories and essays which he mainly shows to friends.


  1. very interesting piece of a very easy to understand explanation of how to get on with the every day battles of life. Uses a well known movie( the matrix) to truly bring to light his point. A well written article with positive advice! very inspirational

  2. Excellent piece very creative and encouraging.From my view it seems you a person that likes to get in touch with your inner self.I loved the piece because Im also inspired by the movie the matrix.The piece has really opened my mind and i will take your advice.

  3. Its really an awe inspiring article. I wish you could write more about the Path concept. Hopefully many people will read your article and be moved by it. We all lack inspiration. We always want to find a scapegoat for our misdemeanours. Excellent Oscar

  4. You have done it again. A brilliant article for the enlightened. I totally agree with your concept of the path. Most of us know the path but do not walk it.

  5. I believe everything happens for a reason, hence why I randomly selected your name of African Writers. I have only just heard of you. I am pursuing my path which at times is challenging however inspring to know that there are like minded people all over the world. I truly relate to Serendipity and the path, excellent pieces which resonate with my soul

  6. Good piece! I must thank you for putting forth this write-up, one never can tell the soul that would get inspired along the way. As I study for my future vocation, I feel challenged by this write-up to discover my path in life. This is what the world wants from me as my way of contribution. I pray that soonest, my path would become clearer and more stable.

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