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The Red Society: Poems by Abayomi Ogunniyi



Drums dance to
the tunes of their
the might and strength of
towns are wailing tones of
grief beyond our bounds.

Days are strings of tension,
pulling the heart away while.
the feet move at sunrise to
make hay.

Night, the symphony of the
singing in tales amid
the wild beasts of the cave.

Breeds of flesh and blood                 flee,
for the lust of siege that
breathe beneath their heels.
Thorns of heavy feet waving
in misery at the dark coven of
their cave.

The war split their identity,
morality is vain and serene;
celebrating heroes of siege
and disasters.

Across the hills;
the abode of weapons.
across the sea and mountains,
the foot and faces of scars
draining human fluid across their



Across the midst of the
A voice shouting within the
siege of the unseen.

The ear of an ignorant soul drags
Its tone to the mud of unjust

Melody is lost by the
rhythm of the outcast.
Silence, like a sheep in the
bewildered clove of wolves.
I come in wild attire of animal
skin to declare the tones of
truth within your strings of

I pulled your wild eyes away
from its beats:
the sounds from its clef of
pride within the octave  of
your torture.
For souls to sing for its
freedom in the way of
his belief.
Poems by Abayomi Ogunniyi

Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi says of his poetry: “My love for poetry is very strong, whereby i consider it a page of my life. I am aspiring to create positive values as a poet to my world.” He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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