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Popoola Ololade Aderemi | Where the Heart is


I am far from two windows and a door. Empty. Cobwebs and dust mites dancing. I am nameless, call me one or two. The echoes say “it can be you, it can be me”. All I see is a cliff. A lake. Glass. A mirror reflects one face, a million masks stare back. An ugly multitude.

I voice it once, twice, thrice. I need a door, you can take away the windows, I can see without them. You are here, my charm. All I see is a cliff, a lake. There are bubbles in the bath, further deep, further down. You are here, there is air in my lungs, droplets on the tiles. A beautiful Mosaic.

A locked door. Three knocks that echo your name, my charm. All I see is a cliff. Frigid breeze, birds and trees, downward I plunge, weightless.


Poem: Popoola Ololade Aderemi

Image: Pete Linforth Pixabay

Popoola Ololade Aderemi
Popoola Ololade Aderemi
Popoola Ololade Aderemi is a Nigerian writer who is passionate about storytelling and its many treasures. Her works have appeared in Afrihill Press and Pencilmarks and scribbles magazine. She is @aderemii_ on X (Twitter) and @ade._remi on IG.


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