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Bobbybryan Uzoma: The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

you unearth mother’s diary & suddenly God comes alive
on every page. in this book, you find her kneeling at the

edge of paragraphs, raising head to a crucifix with lips
scarred from fervently praying that you amount

to good. & in your heart, you search for memories
to fold & unfold like a child learning the

origami. a cloud forms somewhere in your
eyes & there’s a little boy, his mother dousing him

with oil & the book of Psalms 23—the lord is your
shepherd for you shall not want & the boy nods. she opens

his heart & a church springs to life. now, his body isn’t
what mother once broke bread on. the halo on his head

melting into what looks like sin. & to think growing up, he
spewed manna from the mouth of his belly, raising altars

across the breadth of each breath. well, no one can
fathom the depth of a fall. nevertheless home is a doll

wrapped in a gift box but with a tag dangling in the
corner; Silly boy! what took you so long.


The Art of self-sabotage

it is past the hour of five & i am
still not friends with the clock & cock

that crows from outside my
window. a constant reminder that

stagnation has no room on earth. for
everything keeps moving & moving.
++++++ //
if only i could exist without time.
++++++ //
on some days i become a litmus paper dipped
in a beaker steaming with grief. i do this to test for

mortality. how
much of me still breathes. how

much of me truly wants to live. call
this self-sabotage but i am tired of

waking to the smell of bodies littered
all over the boulevard that is

my heart. i think it works as a
guillotine during the day & a hearse

at nightfall.

Poetry © Bobbybryan Uzoma
Image by eva7869 from Pixabay

Bobbybryan Uzoma
Bobbybryan Uzomahttps://linktr.ee/Bryans_Pen
Bobbybryan Uzoma (He/Him) is a Nigerian writer. He is a graduate of Human Physiology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He is the author of a poetry book titled: The Artist. His works have been featured in Eboquills, Eunoia Review, Naked Convos, Afreecanread, Nantygreens, The Hearth Magazine, Ngiga Review, The Kalahari Review & Elsewhere. When he is not writing, he plays scrabble & chess. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria. Connect with him on Twitter @Bryans_pen. Find him on Instagram @Bryans.pen

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