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Memoirs of Brotherhood: Poetry by Samuel Ogunkoya



In the beginning was the world, and
the world was a river and behold, the
river was parted at the symphysis,
painted the world two
the white waters to the west,
and the black sea to the east

…and then the apocalypse
and after the domineering
and then the war and…

Dear brothers, what do you do when pictures of our memories
snip your thoughts? Do your wrists and ankles not attest to chronicles of chains?
do you not hold your heads in pain as you sing songs of Babylon
or drink you not of the rivers of beleaguerment that you sit by?

why then are the fruits of the lands our fathers watered with tears of lonely pains
being offered to foreign gods, ogre that speaks in shadows
with perverted tongues and shut eyes under masks of corruption?

listen to the cackles of the dust below and the stars above
pay attention to the curl of the sea waves as they
pray to the warmth of your breathe, for your air is divine

listen to the monody of our mother as the winds carry her song.
listen to the melody of light spreading through the monocle of time.
daring you to rise, awake in unison for there is only now
arise and get it done, arise, it is dawn.

Sou, porque somos pois somos portanto eu sou.
(I am, because we are, and because we are, I am)

Poetry (c) Ogunkoya Samuel Oluwadamilare

Samuel Ogunkoya
Samuel Ogunkoya
Ogunkoya Samuel is a Nigerian physiotherapist. His poems have been published/are forthcoming on AfricanWriter, Kalahari Review, Best New African Poets 2017 anthology and Barking Sycamores. He writes from Ile-Ife.


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