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Olaseni Kehinde Precious | Nature’s Nakedness

Nature’s Nakedness

I’m staring at nature’s shaft, between the wind’s whispers and the ocean’s womb. Most days, my eyes embrace nakedness a million times until the heavens wear a perplexed frown — and yet, all I discern is emptiness, flowing like a river in my lover’s sanctuary. I know that life is beautiful and ugly but I don’t know how to steal nature’s heart without inciting the world’s temper. The earth will perform backflips until I’m stranded in a garden of purple flowers and right now, I’m soaked, awaiting nature’s seduction. I’ve been waiting before the rain deflowered the desert, and I’m still here, ensnared. God, you know the other day I was grappling with the Quran, Torah & Tanakh. Today I’m reading the New Testament in Koine Greek but knowledge is a cracked mirror. I’m a sculptor of dreams, not seeking to fold the world in my palms or paint the universe on its face. My sole prayer is for nature to defy me—before night arrives in a smudge of darkness, revealing my lover on death’s balcony.

Poem: Olaseni Kehinde Precious
Image: Pixabay mashup

Olaseni Kehinde Precious
Olaseni Kehinde Precious
Olaseni Kehinde Precious embodies the multifaceted roles of a poet, content writer, blockchain researcher, and SEO specialist. When not diligently optimising web pages for search engine rankings, Precious can be immersed in creating captivating content or crafting a literary masterpiece.


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