Moon Call: Poems by Austyn Njoku

Moon Call

The crescent moon rises
Peeps through the aperture
Into our dark mind chambers
Where we lay back to back
Like feuding adversaries armed
Ready to die for honour, the hand
Of this heartless fanciful lover;

Her golden smile summons souls
Awake, to levitate and ascend via
The portal, into her charmed embrace!

But I’m earth; I heed not her bid
I defy her eternal pulchritude
I rise and sit on the cold floor
Feeling her warmth wash over me
She smiles and slowly takes her leave;

Were we bonded, the moon and I
Why would she peep, beckon to me?

But I am earth, dense day or night.


You will see the sky

Wherever on earth you stand
You will see the seamless sky
And earth, this very earth
The spot on which you stand
Shall bear you witness;

Do not hate reason
And hanker after hedonism

Because justice loathes tyranny
She does not see the sky
Which spreads to wherever
Tyrants may run to meet her –

The collector of debts in this life
Or in the one after, for verily,
Wherever on earth you stand
You will see the watchful sky.


Poems © austyn njoku

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