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Memorials: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola

Image: Angel Ganev via Flickr
Image: Angel Ganev via Flickr


With whisperings in the winds
And huge murmurings in the waters
Night came like the drunken town crier
Locking the four cardinal points together

Substances and shadows clocked one
The skies cast off their white garments
Darkness was a hunger-stricken cobra
Swallowing sparse settlements like eggs

Voices laundered the soft breeze
Lamps wandered from floors to basins
Painting fishermen’s faces in gray colours
Exchanging their scales for coins and papers

Bats in their solemn night parades
Eulogised the multilayered darkness
Their eternal key ally in act of terrorism
Celebrating the downfall of moon and stars



Climbing down the morning ladders
And nightmares crawling off my memory
The bleeding gardens of love I beheld
Booking for a restroom in the courtyard

Glittering razor blades court the glades
Our soles seasoned with sow-sized sores
Satisfy the earth’s thirst for fresh blood
Like the waves refreshing the dying shores

Walking along the hate patented highways
With dubious wars and unwanted hostilities
Breast feeding the blood suckering serpents
Hatred ruins the world in his terrifying lenses

In the intestines of soaring white elephants
Sprinting like lightning from coasts to coasts
Warmongers with a false roadmap to peace
Devalue life to enrich their nuclear weapons



In the deep forest of wildfires
Downward the darkest of valleys
Vicious vanity came like waterfalls
Breaking loose on our aching souls

Colourful confusion confiscates all
Upon the out-spreading wavelengths
No pure peace to robe the warlords
Like the tender fetus in the womb

Modern mammon maims the pews
And strangulates the pointed pulpits
Apostolic potency dead and decayed
And motivational speaking prevails



Lord, give me another second
Seasoned with your mercy
Lord, I need another minute
Measured by your amazing grace

Lord, give me another day
Far from this perishing day
Lord, give me another night
Far removed from nightmares

Lord, give me another week
Alien to the weariness of life
Lord, give me another month
Far removed from mourning

Lord, I need another year
Far from yawning and yelling
Lord, offer me another lifeline
Brightened by your lamp of love



Your dark dog is at the door
Looking at me like the moon
Standing upon the sea waves
Looking at the hungry sailors

Your short dog is at the door
Barking like violent thunder
Opening the sky’s front gates
To throw water on our heads

Your Malay dog is at the door
Eating his food like a bold lion
His eyes shining like sunlight
Make me laugh like waterfalls



Unveil the dark curtains
Before the holy mountains
Let me read the Biblical story
Of my Saviour’s evergreen glory

Let me behold the ray
Of his glorious latter day
With him leading all the way
Thank you Lord Jesus mine to say

His infinite love mine to tell
Like thunderclouds’ golden bell
Far removed from the path of hell
My songs shall awaken the dying dell

Abundant is his favour
My redeemed soul to savour
Like the sounds of the latter rain
My love echoes within his bridal train

Poems (c) Adeola Ikuomola
Image: Angel Ganev via Flickr

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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