Sadiq Abdulsalam Adeiza: Venn Diagrams

venn diagrams
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay


The world is a ball in space.
This is why we fall in love in circles.
I sleep on rooftops,
curled up in blankets that smell of dew and camphor,
watching the stars wink at each other,
knowing that sometimes around midnight,
unaware, we will fall in and out of Venn diagrams.
into holy unions
and pointed intersections.



Some believe in causes.
They burn in oils
and have fire eat at their tongues,
in a bid to illuminate
crooked paths for others.
In a world with too many stars
vying to outshine the other,
In a world of long eclipses
and enduring darkness.
There aren’t nearly enough lanterns.

Poems: Sadiq Abdulsalam Adeiza
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

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Sadiq Abdulsalam Adeiza

Sadiq Abdulsalam Adeiza is a Nigerian creative in love with the art of storytelling and poetry. His works have been featured in prominent Nigerian dailies and online platforms.


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