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Planet X: Poems by Victor Chukwuemeka Azubike



For long Starchild
You were Sci-Fi
The future of nature
You were conjecture
A feature in our minds
A little speck of light
A sudden starburst
From the distance
In outer space
That said hi
And dissolved into ice

Soon from planet x:
The hypothetical tenth planet
With your single moon
Xena you
Became the goddess Eris
The crux
Of stellar and scientific occultation

The controversy raged.
Amidst the stars and galaxies,
The orbs (luminous eggs)
And amongst stargazers
And astronomers
You courted spatial
Strife and astral envy
Just for a space
The trail blazers were kept on tenterhooks.

From a gray planet
Orbiting our planet hood
You plummeted to Plutoid
A dwarf planet
With your doppelgangers
Pluto and Makemake
And now my space
Of nine planets
Is shattered, and dreams are now
So Eridian and Trans-Neptunian


From suburb to curb
Like a giant orb
I moved in circles
The rental uncertainty
Of each passing year.

I moved nonetheless
The stride was strident
I hoped for the pushcart
The promise
The blurb
Of your vanity press
Failed to advertise my looks.

Seeking  redress,
I have regressed,
Dropped out of
District courts
That gave wasps
The right of
Ingress and egress,

Beside the highway
I have now settled
My roof is corrugated
My famous bronze
Color like an artifact
Is faded
My face is dark
With sprouts of acnes
And your skin is bleached.

The heat of March is searing
Without the supply of kilowatts
I cannot sleep, how precarious?
Where is my gentility?
The hallmark of my personality?
My self-erodes
Anger explodes
Ricochets and hits me like a thunderbolt

Poems © Victor Chukwuemeka Azubike

Victor Chukwuemeka Azubike
Victor Chukwuemeka Azubike
Victor Azubike is a Nigerian writer and lawyer whose short fiction and poetry have been published by, Romance Magazine, Voices net and weavers anthology. He currently lives with his partner in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria.

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