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Immortality: Poetry by Abalanne Xafulo Ugochukwu


I intercepted a letter from hell
sent by an angel playing god in a
transcended utopia;
the beginning of the end being
the hidden genesis.
I kissed my world’s humanity
and left the mark of god;
a work of art reborn:
The beginning of my revelation the omega of completion. With all I created,
Mother Nature was left defiled,
torn and bleeding like a sinner.
Hovering above the jaws of death,
life weaved time’s basket
in order to save her.
Drowning in the folly of wisdom,
I tried speaking words of silence,
hard times proving difficult to mould.
I’ll die
I’ll live
I’ll be born.
A body is a bridge
between the Zenith and Nadir
of life.


feed sin

Our flesh tells us to make a feast of it,
for we die the second we are brought into this world.
A mat of nails I lay on,
my blood will bear me witness:
For Adam, for David, for Samson, for Solomon.
The path I chose became my religion.
I becoming a god:
My life.
Numerous storms I weather, lines carved into my skin. Under a red sun lies my conscience,
getting wetter every second.
Honey is made in the hearts of men.
Death is sweet and sudden.
We’ll never know why we become birds
when we shed our wings.
Broken clouds we lay on,
humming songs of death.
Notes of life we try to draw
from twisted pipes we can’t play.
Make the future
with the clay that forms inside my mind
and live;
Constellations the figment of a universal lie.
I never died
I never will
Pain is my reward
made one with I:
An innocent sinner with whom
Death fell in love.



Every creationist is a philosopher
his mind a stone
I can only aim to show the world
the product of this consummation
a glory that can only be brought to life
Through the death of reality and the enslavement of nature
Becoming Judas
I waged a war on my Jesus with a kiss
the moment stolen
as the beloved died in my arms
Iron became gold
as I peeled away the dust
on bloodstained bones in an attempt
to make death mortal
This happened when it didn’t in
Reality served
I cared to know but didn’t care to show.
Maybe not caring
to show made it all seem like
I didn’t care to know
If making it seem like
I didn’t care to show
made it feel like caring to know
was all for show
Then truths are lies
This is something
somebody wants nobody to reveal to everybody
Take the blood from my veins and
lead me astray
That is only way I can avoid going astray
Only then can I look me in the eye and
tell me how close he was to snuffing out our souls
Shards of that mirror
stuck in bits and pieces
buried in the footprints
we live in our wake
Poems © Abalanne Xafulo Ugochukwu
Photo by Isai Ramos on Unsplash (modified)

Abalanne Xafulo Ugochukwu
Abalanne Xafulo Ugochukwu
Abalanne Xafulo Ugochukwu is currently an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He writes because the world needs him to.

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