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Invisible Child of Commerce: Poems by Eyitayo Aloh

Invisible Child of Commerce

I am the invisible child of commerce
Buried in the belly of the factory
Slaving all day long in the darkness
So you can walk on the red carpet

I am the unseen child of commerce
Digging deep into the core of the earth
Sun burning holes in my back
So your neck can be adorned with blood diamond

I am the invisible child of commerce
Pounding the sidewalk the red street
Roving my eyes over the concrete jungle
Begging you to pay for my honey pot

I am the unseen child of commerce
Shooting and killing the enemies of progress
Holding fast to the gun you gave me
Looking for an opportunity to test it on you.



Peterborough, Ontario

I have smelt the crisp air of the Kawathas
And bathed in the waters of Otonabee
The winds have become a hand
Drawing me
Pulling me
My longing for home satisfied
My dreams fulfilled

Your brother across the pond is called posh
But you have shunned the opulence
You have changed your face
And put a smile on
Your belly is alive with mixture and colour
And you have said to me
‘Welcome to your home.’




Do you remember that starry night?
Love in the air and gold in hand
We promised never to let go
We promised to fight to love each other

The night we refused to bow to passion
Though frustrated by emotions unexpressed
Yet comfortable in the warmth of our touching skin
Safe in the embrace that marked our love

So we let that time pass us by
A distant memory locked up eternally
In a chest of dreams unrealised
And dungeons of realities unfulfilled.

Now we fan the dying embers of our fantasy
And proclaim it as friendship to our children
Our consciousness scarred by distance
Our love, a muted nuance.


(C) Eyitayo Aloh


Eyitayo Aloh
Eyitayo Aloh
Eyitayo Aloh is a Nigerian journalist and writer. He has published 4 children's books, Too Hot to Handle, Door of Opportunity, Flowers for Florence and Bode and The Chick. He also co-edited The Reward and Other Stories, a compilation of short stories by Secondary School children in Nigeria. He currently divides his time between Nigeria and Britain where he has participated in various literary conferences and events.


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