Adura Ojo: Physics

high heels
Photo by Random Sky on Unsplash (modified)


Agony changes streets

No word

Not sorry or loose words or closed doors

Papa fat over mars

Mama feeds pink heirlooms / spring

Shoulders rub minds in separate cubicles

& that’s ok / maybe

It’s physics           missing heel on pavement / & hello

/ Shoes rubber these streets

Pound / hear the ground groan between heats

They catch these streets

& stay



How’s a war started / unless

We started this catastrophe / so we’ll finish

Water gun primed to go / twenty seconds protect & live

Water gun melody a                pillow-tree

Birds in plume settle scores outdoors / universe streaming beak & butt

Mothers don apron of hope coming home

Universe melody a                pillow-tree


Poetry (c) Adura Ojo
Photo by Random Sky on Unsplash (modified)

About the author

Adura Ojo

Adura Ojo is a British-Nigerian Poet & Storyteller living in London, UK. Her work has appeared in Acumen, Paris Lit Up, The Rialto, The Stockholm Review of Literature & a host of other publications. She is author of a full length poetry collection: Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs. Her chapbook, MANIA,is due to be published soon by WRR publishers. She is doing her best to live-write while looking out for chocolate, and is currently 'working' two essays & a memoir.

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