Author - Adura Ojo

Adura Ojo is a British-Nigerian Poet & Storyteller living in London, UK. Her work has appeared in Acumen, Paris Lit Up, The Rialto, The Stockholm Review of Literature & a host of other publications. She is author of a full length poetry collection: Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs. Her chapbook, MANIA,is due to be published soon by WRR publishers. She is doing her best to live-write while looking out for chocolate, and is currently 'working' two essays & a memoir.


Adura Ojo: Physics

PHYSICS Agony changes streets No word Not sorry or loose words or closed doors Papa fat over mars Mama feeds pink heirlooms / spring Shoulders rub minds in...


Adura Ojo: Home

HOME {i} I left the bush with no trees / scattered the few it had left me out to sea I did not burn my branches / I hid them from the fire / welcomed rain / my...