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A shadow of love: Poetry by Indigo Ife

a shadow of love

much often do we begin
the creation of an end
the creation of a shadow
of love
which is often seen
but never felt
and much often do we
feel that emotion of longing-
-the longing of brighter days
with flowers blooming in full power
in raw emotions

why do you slip
away, Ophelia?
why do you
wish to drown
in a river
that’s a mile
away when the
pool of my heart
is open +

and how often do I
see the shadow of love
brimming like it seeks
the manifestation of
something beautiful-
-the manifestation of
our person.


“let it happen”

you’ll look at her
hazel brown-eyes
but you won’t see
the depths of her

you won’t feel
for her nor with

you won’t explore
nor perceive
-even in death,
She survives
-even in darkness,
She shines

in your cowardice,
She thrives
and grows in ego-
-grows in the
obliqueness of life



A dip into the kaleidoscope
is where I truly feel
the mixture of ecstasy
shaped for my heart’s rest

the structure of Beauty
interfering from the deep-
-tell tale of perceptions
where demons see light
and conscience lays asunder
in a starry night

let Apollo fall
under the various
complications of her

an absence of dullness
in the varied patterns
the pool of her eyes


Self-control // Ted Bundy

Free my virtue Ted
there’s no certainty of self-control
with the demons in my head
I always fall in a realm
of nothingness with enough
ominous-ity being fed


and all I have
is the tragedy
that paves the path
I’ll take
please bring serenity
for my heart’s sake

don’t make me fall
nor shroud nor break
leave me paralysed
so I’ll struggle
to en-colour
my canvas
of mistakes.



thought envelopes thought
emotions are clouded by more emotions
we are not who we say
or project ourselves to be
we are who we think we are
the channelling of empathy
won’t bring about a torrent
in this still water
wave after wave of
the internal reality
would only affect
the external
+ the ideology
of a solution
to emotion(s)
is but ethereal

in therapy,
the spectrum of colour
won’t rightfully befall
or be in
synonymous contact
with her feelings.
Feelings change
yet colours remain


for Wonu

the light that
comes in contact
with her skin
won’t change
the fire in
her heart

light is meant to solidify
to beautify

but in this situation,
it won’t temperate anything.

Poetry © Indigo Ife

Indigo Ife
Indigo Ife
Indigo Ife is trying to juggle life in a sixth form college and an internal existential crisis. He writes poems because he believes that through this form of Art, he’s able to get a glimpse of his true Self and the sensation of the Self is a temporary state of bliss. Ife’s poetry is in a synergy of some sort with tragedy and nature. Nature because there’s a placement of Beauty in everything; all we have to do is look for it. Tragedy because life is but a play of inevitable sadness. If Ife isn’t writing, you’ll probably see him reading a book or hanging out with his friends.

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