The Red Drum: Poems by Dela Bobobee

The Red Drum

The red drum beats
when every other drum stops beating
every soul dance to the rhythm of life
from the pulsating ethos of the red drum
the red drum not only beats
when you listen, the red drum is talking
every stony heart has a sheath for a knife
from a gush on the tempo of the red drum
the red drum by nature is sexy
when your heart flutter and in frenzy
every stolen glance from your heartthrob
from the blushes irrigated by the red drum
the red drum is jealous and vindictive
when retrospect’s stab is aggressive
every soft spot, love and pardon flee
from dirges the red drum goes on spree
the red drum you should know is the heart
when in our short lives destiny plays its part
every promise given not to stray our drumsticks
from where we are identified as God’s handpicks


Id’s Ahoy!

once again this call I must obey
the unwillingness of the far away
albeit the huddles of the GRE
every fibre and fickle agree
to seek and drink the Pherian spring
saturated ethos laurels home to bring
insatiable vortex of oscillation, abate!
for once belch a hushed sigh!
you leave me with no choice
no hunches, values to abdicate
while the prime flag soars high
hearken I must to id’s voice
overseas and from coast to coast
to seek the mooring I crave most
now tell me, will the sky be blue?
and the stars be the clue?
to grope, trudge to the green fields
when alas my heart yields
alas! No ethos, values to exalt
drenched on the alter of exhaust
why does the bud wither the dew?
and the silhouettes dance the same hue?
can propitiation absolve the deeds?
as the pack return from the feeds
yes, this hunt is premeditated
and the abnegations related
with much zeal and abjure dint
to trudge a golden red print
in the sands of posterity
in the hearts of progenity
Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy!
Assuage! Assuage! Assuage!


Woman and Sword

An olive branch she thrusts
through my heart pierced
but a new mistress I’ve found
in the sword of destiny
though the grave yawns
now or never all vanity


The Grime Legacy

Deep echoes of my heart a prayer
raw wounds dripping, bleeding
gradual depletion of the ozone layer
my heart weeping, pleading
deforestation laying waste, bare
thick rain forest dwindling fast
humans, no one seems to care
but forget you can’t your past
nuclear missiles for mass annihilation
mushrooms of death piling, spreading
gradual lost of same premonition
time bombs crawling, loading
not one deadly packed arsenal
threatens the earth a lifeless burnt cinder
men, all dead instinct for survival
awake! Please check now this blunder
the indifference, sordid grime legacy
bequeathed by predecessors of supremacy
maybe, all silhouettes of my mind
lost in mazes so deep I can’t find
but yet to manifest in its due seasons
Oh! Man, have you lost your reasons?
why poison the very air you breathe
and then let greed epithet your death?


Written by Dela Bobobee©

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