Voice Search: A Poem by Isidore Emeka Uzoatu


Heads light like evening breeze
We traverse the corrugated roads of creation –

Me and you –

With only the moon for company

Our propinquity hinge perilously
On a never before attained perigee
Propelled by pent-up passion

The promise debilitating
The premise devastating

Like birthday binge booze
Drank way past midnight’s knell

I come birth-pang plain:
cards blinded by the full moon
hands clean of silt
tongue untied
loins loose
fly undone…

Yet connection wavered aloof
Lest one voiced the wrong key

So near yet far away above
Bridged by lacking convictions
And as deep down under
Abridged by dwarfed expectations

Bound to unforeseen bottlenecks
That prelude after the periphery of doubt
Separating tyro from pro…

Till mustering all the courage
Of head-hunter forebears, I
Howl hyena-like at the distant moon
Sifting from the shifting echoes
Running the hills and valleys therein
The lucid timbre to call my own…

Only escape now
Is more often the zeal
Than the celebration anticipated
At its split second of birth
When the journey was yet
In the crib of its animation…

Poem (c) Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

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