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Versions of a Prototype: Poems by Jania Likea

Versions of a Prototype

“You my audience are pulling for me
want me to pull off this next sleight”

But I am beholden to you
If this meant anything it would not be this

“This talk is called patter”

This heart is…..

“Your undoing blooms like cancer”

Eroding at the core
Tugging at the seeds and razing the roots

“The axe forgets but the tree remembers”

And I still call out…
A mind forgets to tame the wanderer
It is not the same

“You my audience are pulling for me”

I, however, am falling for you
And ivory breaks forever


Sometimes the Weeping Willow

Some mornings I wake to a bright blue sky
Some nights I cry into my pillow
Sometimes in April and then in May

I thought today would be a lovely day

Some nights the stars shine over the saline sea
Some nights he whispers words of comfort to me
Gentle whispers with the dawning dew

I fall so quickly and break so easily
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I stare into the darkness
Sometimes I feel the emptiness

Yesterday I woke to a bright blue sky
Last night I cried into my pillow
The stars have been gone for a while
But the waves have not ceased to be

Sometimes when I look at me
The weariness overwhelms my soul
I stare into the abyss, that big black hole
Last night my tears fell

Again unto my pillow.



You make my heart sing
A song, a rhyme, a verse, a chant
You make, you make

You have the days
I see the horizon
I can hear the rhythm
Far away, the drum beats

I can see what life is
I can barely breathe
Far away I see a shooting star

I can hear a melody
It lulls my aching heart to sleep
Moonlight glows as vagrant waters flow

On this night even the stars
The stars look forlorn
You make my heart sing
A verse a chant a song

I forgot the last thing
I can hear the echo
Of a beat
Of your feet.


(c) Jania Likea

Jania Likea
Jania Likea
Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Lived in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria. Interests: Arts, Music, Religion, Philosophy, Cuisine.


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