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The Meeting: A Short Story by Okey Egboluche

Bright Okocha watched as his student, Anita, buttoned her blouse and adjusted the straps of her skirts. He looked at the mirror in the hotel room to ensure he was well dressed. Then he picked the brown envelopes that contained the wad of notes that Anita had given him. He suppressed a smile after counting the notes.

“Don’t worry, Anita. I like smart girls like you. Do not blink an eye about my course. Just endeavour to be there during the examinations.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Anita’s sonorous voice suddenly aroused Bright. If only she had a pretty face and figure, I could have dedicated a little more time to her, Bright thought. He had told Anita to pay for the room ahead their meeting which would have lasted till dawn. Anita happened not to be his kind of girl. He was done with her after a few hours.

He was relieved when he received a call from Dr. Nwanze, his senior colleague and mentor who served on the Public Relations committee with him. They were to have an emergency meeting later in the evening with the new Military Administrator of the state who wanted a forum with the stake holders in the area. It was a good reason to say good bye to Anita; after all, the deed had been done.

As Bright drove towards Wetheral road intersection, on his way to have some beers at Bambam Inn, he could not get his mind off Rita, the light skinned beaut in the same class with Anita. He wondered what manner of girl she was. He had made several advances to her and even threatened her of a likely failure in his course if she refused to give him her forbidden fruit. She had an air of confidence around her and remained polite despite all his harsh words to her.

Just then his phone rang. “Okay, is that Ushie…you guys should meet me at Bambam. I will be there in a jiffy.” Bright smiled. He was obviously enjoying his job as a graduate assistant in the University. Ushie, his student and middle man, was to bring him more money from students who wanted to pass the examinations with good grades.

Bright loved the well cooked and spiced catfish that the boys bought for him. Popularly called Point and Kill, whoever wanted the fish will choose a live fish in the pond, pay for it after which it will be killed and prepared.

“You are my beloved sons, with whom I am well pleased.”

They all laughed at Bright’s comment. He made a sign to Ushie who brought his head closer and he said, “I badly need that Rita. I need you to find a way and brainwash her for me.” Ushie nodded.

Thirty minutes later, after a couple of beers, Bright was in the midst of Dr. Nwanze, the University Vice Chancellor and other personalities as they stood to welcome the new Military Administrator.

As leaders of the other teams had done, the Vice Chancellor of Imo State University started introducing his represented staff to the convener of the meeting. When the duo got to Bright, he beamed wearing his best smile.

“This is Mr. Bright Okocha, from the Department of Management, Faculty of Business studies”

The administrator’s eye narrowed. Gripping Bright’s hands firmly, he shook him. And looking directly into his eye, he said, “Oh, I see. You are Mr. Bright, the randy lecturer that has been making life hell for my daughter Rita.”

Bright grew limp as there was dead silence in the room. The administrator turned to the Vice Chancellor. He turned his gaze to the Professor, with a stern look, he said, “I do not need any further introductions from your team.” There were murmurs in the room afterwards.

“Your Excellency, kindly allow me to put my house in order, right here.” The stone faced soldier gently nodded thrice and whispered, “Suit yourself.”

“Get out of here Mr. Bright Okocha!” The Vice Chancellor coldly said.

“Do not hesitate to hand him over to me after you take the right actions observing the due process in the University Senate.” The administrator turned to one of his aides and added, “Place surveillance on him. He is a nuisance.”

Okey Egboluche
Okey Egboluche
Okey Egboluche hopes to change lives through his writing. He studied Freelance and Feature writing at the London School of Journalism. Also a practicing Optometrist, he loves art, traveling and making friends.


  1. I wanted to have a quick glance at your work but ended up reading the whole story.This is to tell you that i was held spell bound.It is really a freelance writing which meets every standards based on the writings of notable African authors.Good work! If you continue like this you will in years to come join the pantheon of prolific writers.Thank you.

  2. I wish we had more of Ritas than Anitas in Nigeria 2day we wld be having less mr Brights.nice wrk doc,looking forward to read more

  3. The suspense on the identify of Rita was worth the resolution of the story.
    When a lecturer messes with the wrong student, he sure will get the repercussion.

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