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Paul O. J.: Grey Night


On the pages of the wall
               lies a story,
she alone can tell.

a creepy serpent makes darkness a shield

              she a doll for fun

Ana told papa, “A tree does not eat its fruit”
a cook must taste his soup,” papa replied

The night is safer
when a girl is prey to light,

in the hands of darkness
she wrapped herself.

from the naked night comes a predator
to milk her, a juice

with mouth in the belly
a girl is numb to pain.



Night sings in silence
trees speak        of loneliness       
journey        like        suicidal
stars with        no        light

In the hands of cold,

she flips her wings
               launching into night.

In leaves are the eyes of dark


               a victim.

She a        butterfly
in the cage of cold.

Tears like ocean
Voice in millions
Body wrapped in danger

One at a time,

they popped into her

roll over.

writing upon her a tale

Poems © Paul Ojevwe Dididjon
Photo by sankavi on Unsplash (cropped)

Paul Ojevwe Dididjon
Paul Ojevwe Dididjon
Paul Ojevwe Dididjon is a Nigerian poet. He uses the artistic beauty of words to perform a transformational surgery on the society. He studies English and Literature Education at the University of Benin.


  1. Nice piece with great though. I’m Momo S. Kiazolu from Liberia, I’m a writer and I want to be part of a African Writer. Please I want you to please help me to be part of this organization brother. With the grace of God and your help, I can make it there.

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