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On this day: Poems by Ebuka Evans



On this day, I feel like Samson
Not when he slaughtered a lion
Or beat a thousand men to retreat
But when he was dragged away
With no eyes in his sockets.

On this day, I feel like Jesus
Not when he walked on water
Or fed the thousands
Or raised dead humans
But when he was captured
Spat upon, dragged and hung.

On this day, I don’t feel like ‘Ebuka’
I am not great!
I feel like an ant, captured and tortured
By little children
Then left to go, with no legs at all.



I have stood on the shaky skies
Pulling up clouds as I strode.
Feeling its fillings
My hands stained with blue.

I have laid on a straight ray
Shooting down to the earth
Speaking of yellow hot things
In evergreen ways.

That up, down I came
With heavy drops of rain
That stung the thickness out of the soil
Sinking into its soul, infertile

Creaking toads
Mumbling nights,
Speaking in silence,
Listening with leaves deep in ears.



Today, I walked down a path
Filled with dwarf trees
And worn out bush paths
That lead nowhere.

Today, I smiled
I walked alone
And fell in love for the first time
With my steps
With the peace I felt.

At times you don’t get to see
The thick greenness in your
Colorless life
Rusted leaves, are how you feel

And today, I fell in love
For the last time
With things,
Things that don’t exist.



I sit on growth
Chewing leaves
From my past.
I remember the
Heart which never
Pumped but beat.

Father held a
Knife, and taught
Me how to cut trees.
I cut myself in half
With his fingers
I remember.

I sit on nothing
Just the air
I recount
The ugliness
Of all the friends
I had.
Huge eyes, that see
Every small fault.

A kiss
Brought me to life
I still feel it
On my leaps
Even before I looked.

Poems © Ebuka Evans

Ebuka Evans
Ebuka Evans
Ebuka Evans is a writer and poet. He won the “On the Spur” writing competition for The Muse, a journal of creative and critical writing for the Department of English and Literary Studies, UNN.


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