Moo: Poems by Stephen Oladele Solanke


we were
two stars
that got burnt

we were
two meteors
that fell, flaming

we were
two moons
that mooed, cowishly

we were
just lovers
and love, through

the gallery
on torpedo
when not expected



on the tar

Under the eaves
of the tree
I saw the
stars of hell
on the tar
of the road
in the afternoon glare

Under the eaves
the glamour of death
flew past me
on the beautiful
black tarred road
on a one way ticket
to the world beyond

Under the eaves
the piping of horns
blew from the chariots
of four tyres
running as if
happy is the
that sacrifice their blood
would be for

Under the eaves
there is no
to him that would


Slits of Love

Her eyes
those eyes
slits of love
windows to another world
avenue to becoming constantly loved
can’t refuse
see them always

Her eyes
those eyes
attraction of love
say a thousand unblinking
catching them across the hall
shivers down my spine
nerves become a-tingling

Her eyes
those eyes
trapping me, loved
but perpetually l want to be
seeing, lost and constantly enraptured
in other worlds
untouched and unaffected


We are

Our lives
a laughter in the eye of a fish
a spark within the world within

we are
a star spangled reaching for nothing
a boxer slugging for all

the hooting of the train
in the dark
the unseeing bat
in the light

a life
we summon
a soul
we live

the revolving door
the windmill
the splosh of dripping blood
the jerking at the drop of life

All is in all
is in all.


(c) Stephen Oladele Solanke

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