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I like you more than I don’t: Poems by Obaseki Emmanuel

seeking god
Image: remixed


My dreams become
a tad more real
when I see you in them.
I battle between nuances
of fantasy
and reality
when you come into sharp focus.
Be it a want for push
to turn to shove
or a spirited inclination to
shelve my desires as wants
and not needs, I do not know.
One thing I do know is how
I can’t stop thinking about you.
I like you more than I don’t.
I did not plan for this to happen
but it happened nonetheless.

Outsiders may term it fate
or coincidence;
The latter appears to me as
God’s way of staying anonymous.
He is after all the uncaused cause.
And you coming my way might
just be his caused course.
So when the rapid eye movements are over,
and I regain consciousness,
you by my side, would not be
a bad idea after all.


Opinions are interpretations, when
a single event yields a thousand tales,
each a point on a chiliagon.
Why not take the road less travelled
To understand the context;
The meaning is found at its core.
The process unearths perspectives,
Credence is lent to mere opinions.
Thus they are no longer opinions,
But are closer to reality than reality itself.
Then we are wiser for our efforts,
And declare
“Judgment ought not be made blithely”.

Our sophisticated brains might tell a story.
Our five primal senses might
accrue different meanings.
But efforts on our part to see beyond sight
means hindsight would not see us as fool,
and earns us the right to be called spirits.
Creatures of instinct – we are not
Creatures of thought – we are.
Therein lies our uniqueness.
Why don’t we make it our creed?
We need not bother for a reason,
A wise man
once said,
“Curiosity is its own reason”
So let’s act it up apodictically.
Poems © Obaseki Emmanuel
Image: remixed

Emmanuel Obaseki
Emmanuel Obaseki
Obaseki Emmanuel is a final year pharmacy student at the University of Benin. He is fascinated by the human mind and writing is one way he gets his musings outside. He is a lover of God and nature.


  1. The pharmacist does poem! 😍
    Wawu! This is an amazingly awesome piece bro! 🙌
    “He is after all the uncaused cause
    “And you coming my way might just be his caused course”… These lines are just splufic! ✌
    More inspiration to your idea bank.. ✍️

  2. This is great,the Sky is your starting point, more unction to function is my prayer for you.Go on and manifest greatness ITS IN YOU.

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