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In Pictures: The 78th PEN Congress

The occasion was the 78th PEN Congress held in Gyeongju, South Korea. JRS is John Ralston Saul, President of PEN International and Gil-Won Lee is President of PEN Korea, the hosts. Both Le Clezio and Wole Soyinka were keynote speakers. Soyinka’s speech was titled The Magic Lantern while Le Clezio’s was titled Communication is Life. Every other person is a delegate.

– By Tade Ipadeola

Daniel Hahn of English PEN
Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka and JRS with the African PEN team
Ola Wallin and colleague of Swedish PEN
LeClezio delivering his keynote address
Karel Segers & Jean Bofane of Belgian PEN
Gil-Won Lee (extreme left), President of Korean PEN, and his team welcoming JRS
Tade Ipadeola
Tade Ipadeola
Tade Ipadeola is a published poet and a lawyer. His first collection of poems 'A Time of Signs' was published in 2000. His second collection 'The Rain Fardel' was published in 2005. His poetry has won several awards in Nigeria and his poem 'Songbird' won the Laurel in poetry at the 2009 Delphic Games at Jeju, South Korea. Ipadeola is president of PEN Nigeria Centre.

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