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Soyinka’s Utterance Against Me Is “Aggravated Libel” – Maja-Pearce

By Yemi Adebisi

Let’s look at the future of Nigerian literature. What do you think of it?

Nigerian literature is also even by itself problematical because I think the problem was the language. Hubert Ogunde formed his troop in the 1940. Do you know that there was an Igbo book published in the 1930 by one Peter Nwanna? I was asking myself that if Ogunde could in 1934 revive the tradition that went back to the Shakespeare’s mileage, why should Soyinka, a Yoruba man and a dramatist write only in English? So, I now went through all his interviews and I couldn’t find a concise answer. What I could find in one of his interviews was a contradiction, saying why should I be confined only to my own language?


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