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Idem Emmanuel: Progression


I. Sunlight
The drowsy dew yet to be delivered to sleep
Reflects the brilliance of its blue-y companion
Upon sweaty greens,
The wind whistles through quarrelling stalks
Silence serene soundly shattered
By soulful choruses;
Three winged beings, of vague origins
Recline on a startled stalk
Chirping irrelevances in some long forgotten tongue
Under my windowsill,

Right under my windowsill,
And yours truly
Gives pulse to paper.

II. Sundown
The moon has chased the sun across
The western horizon,
He has spilled his painting palette across
The evening sky in his haste
Golden hue splashed over blue background

The moon has carved a halo
For herself
Sitting upon a throne of travelling clouds
The stars twinkle in eternal shame
Swearing fealty to the nightly concubine

From my windowsill,
And these paltry hands
Make martyrdom of memory

III. Sunup-down
The scandal of the shadow
Is reflected in the frustration of waking,
The immortal returns to its earthbound configuration,

The struggles of sunlight with shadow
Reminds of the rivalry between soul and sin
The certainty of death over life,
The surety of eternal sleep

What is death? is the third side of a coin
What is life? is the fulcrum between existence
And not.
Poetry: Idem Emmanuel
Image by Andrew Poynton from Pixabay

Idem Emmanuel
Idem Emmanuel
I'm Idem, Emmanuel. I have an addictive love for poetry and cannot resist reading any poem I find. I try to use my poems to understand the intricacies of life and to search for higher love. I also enjoy playing chess in the day and taking long solitary walks in the night. I write from Calabar, Nigeria.

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