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Here is my Soul: Poetry by Takondwa Hauya


Here’s the Agitated room of my soul
Between the ice-cold words that gave me an incurable pneumonia;
And the wild consuming fire that branded tattoos to my soul
Only proving that fire and ice are fraternal twins from a distant planet

Here’s the obscure room of my soul
The silhouettes that loomed in my closets when curtains were drawn
Forgot their footsteps on the threshold of my heart
These are the haunted corridors of my soul my bare feet can’t stand
The lashing out of winds of June & the needle-pointed rains of February leave no room for the beautiful August sun

Here’s the Narcissistic room of my soul
An imprisoned wolf that has nothing else but the walls of this jail cell
An imprudent wolf that even if the jail cells magically flew open wouldn’t go out to dance in the moon
Because sometimes the moon is a crowned Queen in the sky
That desires to be worshipped by ripping an unsuspecting human limb by limb

Here’s the Calm room of my soul
A dove gliding in the blue skies
That believes in the fireballs in the west
That believes in the fates scribbled in the stars
That cracks up until the insides melt

Here’s my soul
That I occasionally despise
But I’d slice this soul in a million pieces in a heartbeat
To light up torches for the parts of your soul you can’t stand

Poem © Takondwa Hauya
Image: remixed

Takondwa Hauya
Takondwa Hauya
Takondwa Hauya writes from Malawi. Her works focus on the social Injustices of the society.

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